is committed to providing meter readers state of the art technology for reading and programming electric utility meters. Our products were developed to provide meter readers more durability, flexibility and lower power requirements for laptops and Handheld meter hardware. We were the First to develop Zero power Optical Utility cables, and our Entire product line is developed around Zero power technology. We also were the first to introduce the USB optical probe and Bluetooth Optical Probe models for reading utility meters. Many advances and improvements are implemented in the Fastreader series of products over competing products for reading Utility meters. Our products are state of the art, and read more meters, more reliably than competing products. Also, our products are built for a lifetime of Service and Operation.  If your units should ever need repair, Microtex offers the only U.S. Based repair facility for repair, testing, and replacement/refurbishment of utility optical probes. We are invested in our customers to provide a lifetime of sales, service and support.


::  Probes - Fastreader Product Line

The Fastreader product line is a Zero Power product. Each probe has a PC/Handheld connector on one end and Optical probe head on the other. No Batteries, Power Dongles, Power Extensions or anything else is required to power and operate the units. Our units Draw a fraction the power of competing products. This means longer battery life for your Handheld or Laptop computer. The Fastreader is the "Battery Saver" optical probe.
Fastreader 2 - ANSI 56Kb Optical Probe Download PDF

Fastreader 2P - ANSI 56Kb Optical Probe, Polycarbonate head Download PDF
Fastreader 2B - ANSI 56Kb Optical Probe, Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Download PDF
Fastreader 3B - ANSI 56Kb / 19.2Kb Optocom Optical Probe, Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Download PDF
Fastreader 3 -  ANSI 56Kb/Optocom 19.2KB Optical Probe Download PDF
Fastreader 3A - Automatic ANSI/Optocom Optical Probe Download PDF
Fastreader USB - Fastreader USB 2.0 Optical Probes Download PDF
Fastreader USB Installation Guide -  APP Note 102, USB Installation Download PDF
Fastreader Accessories - Fastreader Accessories Download PDF
Fastreader Product Line - Overview Datasheet of the Fastreader Product Series Download PDF
Optical Probe Belt Pouch - Customizable Download PDF
Microtex Repair and Service Programs - Brochure Download PDF
Microtex Full Product Line - Brochure Download PDF



Fastreader USB Drivers V 1.4 - Drivers for FRx-USB Product, XP, Vista, Win 7           Download

CP210x USB to UART Bridge for BT-USB, 2003, XP, Vista                                                 Download

CP210x USB to UART Bridge for BT-USB, Windows 7                                                        Download

  Meter reading products

Microtex Metering products are a Fixed-Network based product. In addition, our units are daisy-chainable, which means fewer Wireless units are required to perform reads. This Drives the cost per node for implementing our system to very low levels. In addition, NO data carrier is required, or contracts are required to implement our system. Also, being protocol-free, our system is compatible with other systems on the market. You can mix/match our hardware solutions with other vendors, protecting your current investments. A mobile solution is easy, just add our wireless gateway.
DR15TS - Daylight Readable Ml-Spec 810 laptop for Rugged Meter Reading/Programming Download PDF
MTX-MRB - Microtex meter reading Bundle (DR15TS + Any Optical Probe) Download PDF
M587 - ANSI C12.18 Mating Optical Port Download PDF
FRM - Meter Under Glass Electronic Meter Module  *OEM Build Only Download PDF
FRS -  Fastreader Submeter Unit  *OEM Build Only Download PDF
LR2 -  Long Range Wireless Data Radio Download PDF
METERTEST1 - Portable Universal Meter Socket / Test Load Download PDF
METERTEST1 - Users Guide, Rev B. Download PDF


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